About Me

My Values


Throughout my career I’ve enjoyed successes, disappointments and both faced and overcome real-life challenges, similar to those facing many during their working lives. This, within the uncompromising, goal-oriented – and at times bloody tough – recruitment industry.


I offer an open, supportive, person-centred style of coaching to help you hit your personal and career goals in order to achieve the results you want from your career; and enjoy a greater work-life balance, for you and your loved ones.


Coaching is something I love and am often told this passion translates into my work. A key factor in this is the ongoing support of my family, friends and the wider coaching community.

Career Stats:


  • Recruiter for over 25 years, to Director level
  • Supporting local and national brands, including FTSE 500 Global companies, specialist Independents and boutique businesses
  • Managed teams at local and national level
  • Set up my own consultancy in 2006
  • Coaching and supporting clients since 2014
  • Postgraduate Certificate Level 7 in Career Development and Coaching Studies (CDCS) with University of Warwick
  • Registered Coaching Professional with Careers Development Institute ( CDI ) and Association for Coaching



A proud Brummie


I’m the son of working-class parents who, despite some tough times, ensured that I grew up in a supportive and loving family. Dad worked at ‘the Rover’ in Solihull and Mum was a school cleaner, neither afraid of hard work. They understood the value of downtime and I’ve many fond memories of holidays in Rhyl (North Wales) as a family and with our extended families.


Mum and Dad also had time for others, helping those around them whenever they could – preparing and delivering meals to neighbours, or just taking the time to visit and spend time with them so they always felt there was support close by. They taught me the value in helping others, working hard and for toughing out the challenges we face in life.


I consider myself fortunate to have had two such fantastic and loving role models.


It’s these experiences and values, both from my work and family life, I bring to my coaching in order to deliver the very best results I can for each client.

Quickfire Q&A with Mark:


First job: Post-room clerk

Favourite job: Coaching (of course!)

Home town: Birmingham

Favourite destination: Northern Italy (short haul) Australia (long haul)

First gig: Duran Duran (Birmingham, 1983)

Any pets: a Border Terrier called Jerry

Can’t live without: my family, music and good coffee

Favourite quote: ‘If you think you’re too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito.” – Anita Roddick

Where did you meet your wife: online dating site. I fell out of my car when I first met her, thankfully she didn’t see!

Favourite place to eat: Bedders, Birmingham – my family have gone there since before I was born, it fills me with lovely memories and the best fish & chips in Brum!

Favourite cartoon: Tom & Jerry

My top 3 career tips:


  1. The grass isn’t always greener, sometimes staying put is your best option
  2. Own your mistakes, it’s the fastest way to move forward
  3. The best advice sometimes comes from those who know you least and who have nothing to gain from the outcome

My top 3 life tips:


  1. Life can sometimes be cruel; cherish your loved ones, hug them and tell them you love them
  2. Help others where you can, even the smallest gesture can make a massive impact on someone’s life. Often that just means listening and being interested in them
  3. Eat less meat; it’s good for the planet and it’s healthier for you

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