Career Coaching Services

My career coaching enables you to understand your career and the choices you have made so that you can position yourself to move forward, as you want, in your career. It will help you make positive change and enjoy a more fulfilled and rewarding career.

Free initial Career Coaching consultation

While the demand for career coaching increases, it’s important to find a coach that you work well with, trust and who understands your own individual pressures. In order to facilitate this, each of my coaching programs comes with an initial free 45-minute consultation.

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Personalised 1-to-1 Career Coaching

Coaching solutions tailored to your needs, time and budget

Whether you are starting your career, looking to grow or seeking a change, my services are individually tailored to meet the needs of your career or business.

Your career is not momentary. It represents the lifetime of your work and learning journey.

A journey that is likely to span over 40 years, involving continuity and change.




Clarifying your career choices and making the best start




Promoting personal and career growth and advancement




Identifying opportunities for redirection and change

Executive & Management


Helping you take next steps in your career development to enhance your profile and move into management; helps you adjust and develop as a manager.

Freelancers & Business Owners


Supporting your new ideas and initiatives, develop your business strategy and stay on track against your targets. Helping you and your business to grow.

My career coaching will help you at whatever stage of your career you’re at. Hit get in touch to drop me a line and find out more.

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All 1-on-1 coaching includes:


  • Initial free 45-minute consultation
  • Individually tailored coaching plan to meet your goals and targets
  • Flexible coaching in central Birmingham, or local to you
  • Complete confidentiality
  • Clear, honest support and feedback
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Your questions on career coaching answered:



– Who does your coaching help? I coach a range of people including graduates; professionals looking to move into management; business owners, or those wishing to start a, business; executives; people looking to make career change.


– How long are your coaching sessions? I provide 60 or 90 minute sessions. Longer sessions can be arranged with prior notice.


– How many coaching sessions do I need? Each client is offered a free introductory session so we can discuss your career issue and you get see whether I’m the right coach for you. From there, the number of sessions is led by you – for instance, a career starter might not need as many sessions as someone looking to make change, or someone needing support with their business.


– How much will coaching cost? There are two affordable coaching prices: a 60 minute session is £70 and longer, 90 minute session is just £90. Prices for coaching programmes, usually 6 or 12 sessions, can be discussed and terms agreed in advance.


– Where will the coaching take place? The initial session is usually via Skype, although sometimes in-person session can be arranged, depending on my schedule. In-person coaching sessions are then held at my coaching practice in central Birmingham. Alternative venues can be arranged, depending on your location.


– How can your coaching help? My coaching is person-centred, so it’s focussed on you and your career learning and gives you insider tips and advice on areas such as job search, setting up a business, successful marketing, networking and your personal brand. It helps bring clarity to your career, plan your current and future goals and give you confidence to enjoy a successful working life.


– Is there anything I need to do? Be yourself. Come into each session with an open mind to explore your career thinking; and be honest throughout. The more you put in the more you can get out of coaching.

Looking for team coaching?

Coaching for your team(s) is an invaluable tool to measure the happiness of your staff and a great way to discover how your business can improve its performance and the service offered to your customers.


Successful TEAM coaching in the workplace starts with creating an environment of trust where your team members feel they can speak freely and without fear. An environment of trust and openness promotes engagement with the coaching and allows your team to feel engaged in the business they represent. In turn, this allows your team take accountability for their own performance and feel motivated to succeed in a business that recognises their contribution.


To find out more about how my team coaching can benefit your business get in touch using the link below.

Online Career Coaching

Fast and affordable online coaching services

Confidently market yourself to prospective employers, or land that new position!
Sessions via Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

What the average UK worker can expect

during their working life

AAT research infographic




The infographic offers interesting insight as to how much time we spend at work. Showing it’s important to ensure you enjoy the work you do, in order to enjoy good personal growth and development, and promote mental wellbeing.

Lifetime of Work

How we think about our careers has changed enormously during my own 30-year career; and will continue to change and evolve as we explore new working practices, identify new roles and skills, through advances in technology. With each advancement more and more people are wanting to seek greater control and understanding of their career.


As you age and mature, so your personal goals and objectives change. Life moments, such as meeting a new partner, marriage, buying a house or starting a family, impact on how you feel about yourself and your career. Being happy at work is fundamental to your own happiness, your social status and the happiness of those around you.

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