Career Coaching

All my career coaching services are for a 12 week period and include the following:

  • an initial free 45-minute consultation
  • 60-minute sessions @ £65
  • 90-minute sessions @ £90
  • an agreed individual coaching plan to meet your goals and targets
  • flexible coaching in central Birmingham, or local to you
  • complete confidentiality throughout
  • clear, honest support and feedback

Your career is not momentary. It represents the lifetime of your work and learning journey that is likely to span over 40 years and will involve continuity and change.


The infographic below details key figures, from research conducted by AAT, that outline what the average UK worker can expect to encounter during their working life. It offers interesting insight as to how much time we spend at work, so it’s important to ensure you enjoy the work you do in order to enjoy good personal growth and development and promote mental wellbeing.


How we think about our careers has changed enormously during my own 30-year career; and will continue to change and evolve as we explore new working practices, identify new roles and skills through advances in technology. With each advancement more and more people are wanting to seek greater control and understanding of their career.


As you age and mature then, so your personal goals and objectives change. Life moments, such as meeting a new partner, marriage, buying a house or starting a family, impact on how you feel about yourself and your career. Being happy at work is fundamental to your own happiness, your social status and the happiness of those around you.


My career coaching helps you plan and understand your career and the choices you have made, in addition to helping you adjust to change and be ready to manage any change positively and enjoy continued success.


As the demand for career coaching increases, it’s important to find a coach that you work well with, trust and who understands your own individual pressures. In order to facilitate this, each of my coaching programs comes with an initial free 45-minute consultation.