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Helping you make the best start to your career


Many people starting out in their career have no idea what they want to do with the skills and qualification they’ve picked up at school and/or university. Or where to look to find the best opportunities.

There’s often pressure to find a job or career that will last you a long time but this is not always essential; and the job market can be a really confusing place to someone new into their career. As a recruiter I understand the demands of an employer and what they’re seeking when hiring new recruits and can help tailor your job search to identify the best employers suited to your personality and career needs, including what support and training to look out for. Everyone makes mistakes in their career – including me – but learning how to adapt and overcome your mistakes will benefit you throughout your whole career.


This coaching will help you to identify the initial goals for your career, including feedback and advice on how to secure the job you want. You will receive coaching on how to ensure you are ‘CV ready’, give you insight as to the job market, types of positions and salary levels you can hope to achieve. In addition, you will receive advice and support in preparing for telephone and face-to-face interviews, follow up feedback and how to turn negative feedback into a positive. It will help you to set the goals you need to give your career the best possible start and how you can evaluate your progress.

This coaching package includes two 60 minute coaching sessions, your personal career action plan, plus a 30 minute session to use within the first six months of securing a new job. Coaching is delivered via Skype, FaceTime or similar service. In-person, one-to-one coaching can be provided for £250.00. Payment in advance.