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Professional CV Writing


Ensuring you have a great employer-ready CV


With over 25 years as a recruiter, I’ve seen thousands of CVs during my career. My work required me to take a CV and make the changes required so it was client-ready, ensuring my candidates created the right first impression and had the best opportunity of securing an interview.


A CV is a document to showcase your best achievements, be relevant to the position for which you’re applying and be free of jargon and formatting. I’ve seen numerous CV mistakes that could be avoided with better preparation and know-how. It’s worth remembering that a CV is a discussion document and therefore needs to give enough information to secure an interview, yet leave space to elaborate further during your interview.


Following an initial appraisal of your CV, this coaching session will help you understand what should be included on your CV, how it should be presented so it is employer-friendly, and enable you to make positive changes to your CV to ensure it is employer-ready for you to submit applications. Following this coaching you will be able to apply what you have learned in order to make further changes to your existing document, or to tailor your CV for future employers, or different positions.


This coaching package includes one 60 minute coaching session, plus a 30 minute follow up session. Coaching is delivered via Skype, FaceTime or similar service. Payment in advance.